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Night School & Part-Time Provision 2017



Enrolment evenings 16th & 18th January 2017 from 6-8pm .  Card payments are available on these evenings and directly prior to course commencement on first night of class. Postal enrolments giving name, address, mobile and email address are also accepted. Please note payment must be received before attending class.


Classes may be amalgamated / combined at the discretion of the College. Classes form only where there are sufficient numbers enrolled. All classes start week Monday 30th January 2017


The following payment methods are accepted – Cheques, Bank drafts, Postal orders. Please keep copies of receipts for bank drafts / postal orders as a record of purchase.  Cash cannot be accepted.


Please request an invoice in writing from  BCFE or by fax 01 6266674 giving full course and personal details. One weeks notice is required.


Refunds are payable only in the event that a class fails to form and will made by CDETB in due course.


A receipt will be issued at time of payment. This should be retained as it is an official receipt and duplicates cannot be issued.


BCFE Adult Education Brochure 2017

These courses are starting in January 2017.

Download the Adult Education / Night School Enrolement Card and send us your details!

Welcome to the latest edition of the BCFE Adult Education brochure!

We continually try to enhance the range of courses available based on need and interest and consequently a number of new courses have been added.

If you are a community organisation / company or group of individuals, please contact us to customise training or a course for you utilising our modern teaching facilities and highly qualified teaching staff at a competitive rate!

We look forward to meeting you in January!

Caroline McKenna-Cooper, Director of Adult Education

Gerry Johnson, Assistant Director

Contact Details

Term time
During holidays until end August

Tel 01 6269421
Fax  01 6266754

A11 Special Needs Assisting 5N1786 A10 Entrepreneurship 6N1941 A9 Community Addiction Studies 5N1834 A20 Digital Marketing A21 Multi Platform Journalism A22 Furniture Restoration and Surface Treatment Basics A23 Upcycled Wardrobe A16 Felt making A17 TV Production A18 Comic book illustration A19 Life drawing A15 Introduction to Programming in Unitys A14 Lighting in Maya A13 Tattoo artistry A12 Storyboarding with creative writing A8 Illustration Skills 6N5446 A7 Animation Drawing Skills 6N4907 A6 Art Portfolio Preparation A5 Flash for Animation / Animators A3 / A4 IPASS Payroll Technician Stages 1 & 2 A1 & A2 Accounting Technicians Ireland