BCFE supports Active * Consent

Thanks to our colleagues in NUIG for providing us with this programme.


In a study carried out by NUIG over 80% of young people say it is important to talk about sexual consent. Here in BCFE we support the active consent programme. The aim of the active consent programme in BCFE is to both provide our students with the tools to recognise and communicate consent, but to also promote a positive and confident approach to their sexual health. It is a sex positive programme that also hopes to protect all parties involved while honouring their choices – whether or not they choose to become sexually active.

OMFG, Ongoing, Mutual, Freely Given


  1. all parties can change their mind, that all parties consent and that
  2. neither party has been coerced or is under the influence.

Below are some useful tools to help you to communicate consent or dissent. “How do we communicate consent” and “No means No, but so does….”  will help you to communicate your willingness to take part or not to take part.

How do we Communicate Consent No means no but so does...

We also want our students to be aware that sharing intimate images of someone without their consent is illegal; Harassment, Harmful Communications and Related Offences Act 2020.

Here in Ireland we also have a consent law; Section 48.9.1, Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2017 which states that people must freely and voluntarily agree to engage in the sexual activity.

A person consents to a sexual act if they freely and voluntarily agree to engage in that act. FACT - sharing intimate images of someone without their consent is image-based sexual abuse and it is illegal in Ireland.

SATU Contact details

… should you or someone you know need them.

SATU (Sexual Assault Treatment Unit, Rotunda Hospital)
01 817 1736-Mon-Fri
01 8171700- out of hours