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Logistics & Distribution TRAINEESHIP Level 5

Course Code BLC

NFQ Level 5

Duration 1 Year

QQI Code 5M2767

Award QQI Level 5 Certificate in Logistics and Distribution; SOLAS Safe Pass; Manual Handling; First Aid; NETSTOCK Inventory Software Certificate

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Why choose Logistics & Distribution Traineeship?

This course will introduce you to logistics and distribution, which is the management of the flow of goods in a business environment, using supply chain operations.

During this course you will study industry specific key areas such as: Warehousing, Freight Forwarding, Inventory Control, Supply Chain Operations and Purchasing. The knowledge learned through these modules will prepare you for an entry level career, where you will be able to plan, implement and control efficiently and effectively the flow and storage of good and services between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet customer requirements.

The delivery of these subjects will be augmented by guest lectures by sector experts in the industry who will you understand how theory is used in practice within this environment. You will also have an opportunity to complete Safe Pass, Manual Handling, First Aid and NETSTOCK Inventory Software qualifications to supplement the major QQI award.

With the onset of Brexit and the global transformation in online shopping, freight forwarding and management skills are in demand. Currently there is a recognised shortage of qualified personnel in this industry and this qualification will assist you in gaining employment in this sector.

This course is a 1-year (48-week traineeship). You will be on practical placement in the industry for 12 weeks, in various blocks, over the duration of the year, and the remainder of this course time will be completed within BCFE.

What will you study?

What do you need to apply?

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Course Features

Courses developed in partnership with Lidl Ireland that enhance employability, include

  • Forklift Driving
  • Fire Warden Training
  • First Aid / Manual Handling
  • Customs training

Progression Opportunities

  • Graduates may progress to the Certified Accountancy Pathway Traineeship Level 6.
  • Graduates of this course may apply through the CAO and/ or the Higher Education Links Scheme  for entry to higher and advanced certificate and degree programmes at national Institutes of Technology, Technological Universities and Universities, for courses such as: Logistics and Supply Chain Management (TUD) or Road Transport Technology and Management (LIT). (Applicants should confirm linked awards and eligibility requirements with the relevant Higher Education Institution).

Business – Logistics & Distribution (Traineeship) Level 5

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