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Pre-University Foundation in Teaching Level 5

Course Code ELT

NFQ Level 5

Duration 1 Year

QQI Code 5M3635

Award QQI Level 5 Certificate in Education and Training

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Why choose Pre-University Foundation in Teaching?

Pre-University Teaching lays the foundation for those who wish to progress to a career in education. On this course you will enhance your skills, knowledge and practical experience prior to progressing to higher education.

This dynamic course provides progression opportunities to degree programmes in various disciplines including teaching, arts and humanities. If you are currently a trainer and would like to re-skill this course is also ideal for you.

On this course you will learn about the concepts and principles in educational, social and psychological studies which will give you a broader knowledge base relevant to careers in education and social care. You will also gain the necessary writing and critical thinking skills for learning at further or higher education.

As part of this course you will complete a two-week work placement. This work experience may be as a trainer in a workplace setting or in a college as a classroom assistant.

What will you study?

What do you need to apply?

Please refer to the Entry Requirements.

Progression Opportunities

  • Students who successfully complete with a Merit profile may apply for entry to any of the Level 6 courses in BCFE and other Colleges of Further Education.
  • Graduates of this course may also apply through the CAO and/ or the Higher Education Links Scheme for entry to higher and advanced certificate and degree programmes at national Institutes of Technology, Technological Universities and Universities such as the higher certificate and degree programmes in the faculties of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in Maynooth University, Dublin City University; University College Dublin and Trinity College, (applicants should confirm linked awards and eligibility requirements with the relevant Higher Education Institution).


What our Graduates say

I didn’t do well at school, I started a course in Ballyfermot College of Further Education when I was 25. This course directly led to my being accepted by Trinity College Dublin, where I eventually attained a BA in History and English Literature, and an M.Phil. in linguistics. Last year I got my PhD there. I also had a novel published (Dublin Seven), and have written various articles along with multiple appearances on national TV and Radio. The gentle introduction to academic writing I got at BCFE really helped me build the foundations to get back into education and progress to the highest levels, and allowed me to excel in University. The atmosphere at BCFE was great, the staff really supportive and helpful, and the small class sizes meant there was an opportunity to avail of the sort of one on one attention from teachers that is rare at third level. I cannot recommend this institution enough, the course really got me out of a rut, and started me on a path that would change my life.
Frankie Gaffney, Author and Lecturer
Pre-University Level 5 Certificate (2006 – 2007)

Completing a foundation course with BCFE was a good decision in my case. It offered me the environment, tools and confidence to take on 3rd level study. I not only developed skills in writing and research, which I applied on a very regular basis on my Communications degree at DCU, but I also developed the capability to tackle 3rd level study. Going from BCFE’s foundation course to DCU’s BA in Communications felt like a smooth transition after all the work I had put in, as well as all the support I received from BCFE. The year I spent at BCFE, helped build my academic confidence to the point that I felt I could approach any task presented to me at University. Definitely BCFE positively contributed to where I am now.
Camilla Abu, currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing in DCU
Pre-University Level 5 Certificate (2016 – 2017)

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