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NEW Traineeship in Product Development and Entrepreneurship in the Traditional Arts

Course Code PDE

NFQ Level 5 & 6

Duration 1 Year

Award QQI Component Awards and Certification of Completion from Na Piobairí Uilleann

Music Entrepreneur Traineeship

In this one-year courses students acquire the skills to develop a music related product and bring the product to market.

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Why choose a Traineeship in Product Development and Entrepreneurship in the Traditional Arts

This Traineeship is aimed at practitioners in the traditional performing  arts who have a product at an advanced stage of development. Candidates should be able to demonstrate evidence of experience and relevant skills in relation to their product and an understanding of the traditional arts sector.

The aim of this Traineeship is to enable trainees to acquire the skills, knowledge, and support to develop a product, such as a musical act, show, prototype musical instrument or online platform and to successfully bring the product to market. The programme aims to enable the learner through practical experience to integrate the theoretical and practical aspects of product development through working with industry professionals in the traditional arts sector.

What will you study?

In this one-year course trainees will complete the QQI modules below to help and support them in setting up their own business to sell their products .

  • Work Experience (6N1946) (from QQI Level 6 award in Business – 6M4948)
  • Entrepreneurship (6N1941) (from QQI Level 6 award in Business – 6M4948)
  • Start your own Business (5N1418) (from QQI Level 5 award in Business Studies – 5M2102 and Business Administration – 5M2468)
  • Instrumental Tuition

In conjunction with these QQI modules, trainees  who are instrument makers, will complete Advanced Instrument Repair and Making with a focus on product development in Na Piobairí Uilleann’s Pipecraft training facility.

The traineeship provides a minimum of 30 percent on the job learning in a professional setting relevant to your proposed product.

Progression Opportunities

The combination of the theory and practical will assist Trainees in setting up their own businesses to support the need for Irish made musical instrument (Harp, Uilleann Pipes, Mandolins, Flutes) with a strong emphasis on custom repair.

Learning Outcomes

Employability Statement

On successful completion of the Traineeship applicants will be in a position to launch their product or service on the market in the traditional arts sector.

On successful completion of this programme learners will be able to

  • Plan and achieve realistic work goals.
  • Understand grant aids and funding streams available to the traditional arts sector
  • Understand the health and safety, legal and professional requirements involved in their chosen field.
  • Understand how to launch and operate a successful business.
  • Understand how to effectively market their product across a range of platforms.
Music Entrepreneur Traineeship
Music Entrepreneur Traineeship
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