Continuous assessment is an essential part of all courses. Your class teacher will explain the particular arrangements that apply to your course at induction.

Most assessment is locally devised and graded with internal cross-moderation and external moderation. Student guidelines for examinations are contained in the student hand-book.

On the successful completion of your course you will be awarded a certificate of achievement. There is an overall grade awarded for some courses and this will be explained at induction.


If a student presents another’s work as their own without due acknowledgement, it is considered to be plagiarism. In common with other academic institutions the college sees plagiarism as a serious matter and students who have presented work which is plagiarised may not be permitted to continue on the course. Teachers will explain to students how legitimate use can be made of other authors’ ideas.

Plagiarism can arise from actions such as

  • Copying another student’s work
  • Representing someone else’s work as your own
  • Quoting directly, without acknowledgment, from books, articles, or other sources, either in print, recorded or other sources
  • Giving incorrect information about the source of a quotation
  • Paraphrasing, with acknowledgment of the author(s)


It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that they do not commit plagiarism. Students can ensure the integrity of their work by seeking advice from course co-ordinators, teachers and literature available.


  • Students should retain copies of their own work
  • All work produced for the college remains the property of the college.
  • Any work undertaken by students for outside clients that uses any college resources or the college name must be approved in advance by the principal. The work will remain the property of the college.


All assignments will have a date for completion and submission.

Please see the college calendar in relation to the completion of first semester assignments. Allowances will be made in exceptional circumstances.

When a student is aware in advance of a reason for non-submission by the deadline s/he can apply in writing for an extension. In exceptional circumstances a revised deadline can be agreed in writing.

Where a student has missed a deadline with no advance notice, the grade is deemed a fail (pending action by the student).

Where group work is involved, teachers may stipulate in advance the outcomes for a given assignment where there is a lack of performance by an individual.


It is the policy of the college that teachers should only take in assignments for their own course. There is no guarantee that an assignment that is not handed in to the designated teacher will be accepted or graded.

Students must keep a back-up copy of work submitted for assessment.