Please be present at the appointed location at least fifteen minutes ahead of the commencement of the examination.

Once the examination has commenced, all late candidates will be directed to a holding room and will be allowed commence 20 minutes after the commencement of the exam.

Candidates, who arrive 1 hour after the commencement of the examination, will not be permit- ted to sit the examination.


Please leave bags etc. at the designated place in the room and retain examination materials only at your desk. One soft drink (bottle) is permitted.

All mobile phones must be switched off for the duration of the examination. Headphones can only be used with permission.

If you have any questions or queries during the examination please raise your hand and wait for the supervisor to attend to your query.

If more than one script is used, your name, class and examination must clearly marked on all your scripts which should also be clearly numbered.

An Attendance Sheet will be circulated during the examination, and when handing up scripts when the examination is over.


You may not leave the Centre within the first hour of the start of the examination. Thereafter, you may leave at 20 minute intervals.


Candidates may have all or part of their assessments cancelled if during examinations, they:

  • Have in their possession or under their control any books, notes or papers other than stationery/equipment allowed.
  • Aid or attempt to aid another candidate.
  • Communicate or attempt to communicate in any way with another candidate.
  • Disrupt other candidates