Health & Safety

While on the course you will receive full instruction in the correct and safe handling of equipment and materials. You are required to work in a safe and responsible manner, you must pay due regard to your own safety and to the safety and welfare of others. Your willingness and ability to function in a professional, caring and responsible manner forms part of the common skills assessment while you are on the course.

If you are ever in doubt as to the correct use of equipment or materials then you should ask a member of staff.

  • Fire Escape
    Please familiarize yourself with all exits in case of an emergency evacuation is necessary.
  • Accidental Spills
    Drinks and food can only be consumed in the social area set aside for that purpose.
  • No Smoking Zone
    The college is a no smoking zone.
  • First Aid
    Fully equipped First Aid cabinets are located in the porters’ and general offices.