Ballyfermot College of Further Education BCFE

VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme)


  • To give unemployed people education and training opportunities
  • To prepare people for paid employment or to further opportunities leading to paid employment.

Applications to VTOS:

  • Complete online course application form ( and attend for interview.
  • Pay course deposit when an offer of a course place is received.
  • Enrol with the Course Co-ordinator on Registration day during the first week in September.
  • Register with the VTOS Co-ordinator after enrolling with the Course Co-ordinator.


Aged 21 or over, at least 156 days on benefit.

Eligible categories include:

  • Job Seeking Allowance
  • Blind Person Allowance
  • Job Seeking Benefit
  • Deserted Wife’s Allowance
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Deserted Wife’s Benefit
  • Disability Allowance
  • Widow/er’s non-contributory pension
  • Disability Benefit
  • Widow/er’s contributory pension
  • Invalidity Pension
  • Prisoner’s wife allowance


  • Registration takes place on enrolment day in early September
  • Completed Forms include SW, CDETB Set-up, Registration, Travel, and Childcare
  • A bank account is required


  • Retain full SW Benefits and all Secondary Benefits
  • Meal and travel Allowances
  • No course fees
  • Book loan scheme & basic course materials
  • Childcare crèche allowances (Limited)
  • Grant paid over summer holiday (Subject to conditions)
  • CAO fees paid
  • Part time work permitted (20 hours limit)


  • Commences in mid-October
  • Lodged in bank a/c on Thursday/Friday every week


VTOS is operated through local Education and Training Boards and is aimed in particular at unemployed people who are early school-leavers.


Students are allowed to remain on VTOS scheme for 2 years. If your course is longer than two years duration, you may transfer to the BTEA scheme to complete your course. The BTEA application is made through your local SW office.


Frank C Kenny
Queries can be made during VTOS office times.
Text:   087-2363139