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Uplift Digital Exhibition

“Uplift”: to improve a person’s moral or spiritual position: to elevate

Each year the students of BCFE mark their efforts with a graduate exhibition.  This year was slightly different. Our students and staff faced the unexpected shutdowns with creativity and courage.

The ongoing pandemic has prevented us from hosting our exhibition in person. This year our students’ work will be showcased through a virtual platform.

Our 2021 programme takes the form of a series of curated work available on our new exhibition website.

This online and virtual programme highlights the inspirational work of BCFE students across multiple departments and includes work from the following courses: graphic design, digital media, sound engineering, music performance, cinematography, visual effects, film, animation, illustration, art, printmaking, television, radio and journalism.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating our students’ hard work and creativity by exploring our virtual exhibition.

We would like to wish the graduating class of 2021 every success in their future endeavours.

To see a full list of courses delivered at BCFE visit the BCFE website.

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