Denis ATI

“Teachers were very nice and always helpful, would recommend to anyone doing the course part time!”

Sinead ATI

“Great lecturers. Great support both from the College and ATI themselves.”

Thomas ATI

“The lecturers go above and beyond, taking their time in the evenings and grading any extra work handed up that week”

Niamh ATI

“My name is Niamh and this is my second attempt at ATI YEAR 1, but my first time in BCFE. I thoroughly recommend the college and the teachers I have here.”

Michelle (Illustration skills)

“Fantastic teacher and I have learned so much while in his class. I would recommend this course to anybody who is interested in pursuing Illustration as a career.”

Cathal (Illustration Skills)

“A really well taught and engaging course.”

Rachel (Illustration Skills)

“I feel very motivated by our tutors’ enthusiasm for illustration and Art and have much enjoyed the course.”