Ballyfermot College of Further Education BCFE

J1 Creative Upcycling and Sustainable Fashion Design

upcylingUpcycling has become a more prevalent and talked about approach to sustainability in today’s Fashion industry. Although seen by many as a means of combating environmental waste it has since taken on new trend setting aspects with an emphasis on cost effective means for turning yesterday’s fashions into tomorrow’s trends. Materials are at hand in the form of old clothes, allowing student designers to modify old clothes into something new and interesting, while gaining experience in all the key elements of construction techniques used across the Fashion industry.

Ecoalf, Re/Done, Zero Waste Daniel, RubyMoon, Beyond Retro and Patagonia are just a few labels that have all embraced upcycling and vintage motifs in their current labels.

Throughout this course, students will learn how to deconstruct garments and reassemble them into new and interesting designs, incorporating creative techniques and customised finishings.

Course elements will include:

  1. Deconstruction techniques
  2. Professional Machine Sewing
  3. Fitting techniques
  4. Construction techniques: machine stitches & seams, hems, openings, shaping darts, closures, fastenings, topstitching, facings.
  5. Customisation techniques: bindings, pipings, smockings, cordings, elastications, tucks, loops, pleating, trims, pockets.

Basic Sewing Kit Required

Preloved (old) clothes, scissors, pencils, pins, threads, needles, tape measure, safety pins, seam ripper, tailors chalk, ruler, elastic, bias bindings, zips. Other sewing items may be required as your designs develop

Monday: 7.30 -9.30pm

Duration:10 weeks

Cost: €130