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BCFE graduates Tomm Moore and Paul Young nominated for Oscar for “Wolfwalkers” & Gísli Darri Halldórsson for Yes People

BCFE graduates Tomm Moore and Paul Young of Cartoon Saloon (along with their colleagues Ross Stewart and Stéphan Roelants) have been nominated for Best Animated Feature in the Oscars this year, with “Wolfwalkers”. This is Tomm’s third and Paul’s second time being nominated.

BCFE/ISA student Gisli Darri Halldorsson, has been nominated in the Best Animated Short Film for his fun and fresh short film “Yes-People”.

Tomm, Paul and Gisli’s nominations can be adding to an elite list of BCFE graduates who have been nominated for previous Oscars including:

  • Nora Toomey (Cartoon Saloon)-Nomination -Feature Film (Animated) – Breadwinner 2017
  • Richard Baneham – Oscar Winner – Visual Effects – Avatar 2010;
  • Tomm Moore and Paul Young (Cartoon Saloon)-Nomination -Feature Film (Animated) – Song of the Sea 2015;
  • Tomm Moore (Cartoon Saloon) – Nomination -Feature Film (Animated) – The Secret of Kells – Animated Feature 2010;
  • Nicky Phelan, Darragh O’Connell (Brown Bag) – Nomination -Short Film (Animated) Granny O’Grimm’s sleeping beauty 2010;
  • Cathal Gaffney, Darragh O’Connell (Brown Bag) – Nomination -Short Film (Animated) – Give up yer aul sins 2002


The Oscars will be held on Sunday night, April 25, 2021 – Fingers Crossed!


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