BCFE is a college of further and higher education providing vocational education through the provision of excellent teaching and guidance in a caring and supportive learning environment.

Recognising our position within the City of Dublin ETB we have a responsibility to provide educational opportunity and support to all and in particular to our local community.

Mindful of the role of education in encouraging active citizenship we strive to create a culture of critical engagement with global social justice issues. We thereby aspire to provide an educational framework that encourages graduates to meaningfully contribute to their community, both local and global.

Conscious of our educational tradition we continue to be innovative and creative in the provision of courses to meet the needs of our present and prospective students.

Our courses provide students with relevant qualifications and competencies enabling them to succeed in work and in further studies.


  • Equal opportunities and access.
  • Respect for each individual.
  • An open and flexible approach to learning.
  • Learner-centred.
  • Commitment to innovation and improvement.


Our aims are:

  • To continue to be a leading provider of further education.
  • To be innovative in developing new courses at different levels in a planned and integrated way through consultative processes.
  • To further improve the quality of our courses and their delivery.
  • To provide a range of courses recognised within the Qualifications Framework.
  • To contribute to educational access and opportunity for the local community.
  • To develop internal structures appropriate to a college of further and higher education.
  • To continue to enhance the physical resources of the college.
  • To enable staff to develop their full potential within the college.
  • To further develop partnerships with potential and current employers.
  • To further develop collaborative relationships with educational institutions.


 BCFE is a constituent College of the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB).  The CDETB is the patron of the College, as laid down in the Education and Training Boards Act 2013.

(a)   Board of Management

BCFE is governed by a Board of Management (BOM) which is made up of representatives of the CDETB, the local business community, educational representatives, teachers and studentsThe BOM serves for three years. However, each year two students – one male, one female – are chosen from our pool of Student Representatives to sit on the Board of Management.

The BOM has as its remit the management of BCFE on behalf of the CDETB, in accordance with relevant legislation; Department of Education and Skills circulars, guidelines and procedures; and any policies or strategies that the CDETB may establish regarding the operation of its schools and colleges.

Our BOM aims to provide direction and oversight for BCFE while ensuring that the rights of all members of the BCFE community are upheld and that the BCFE is accountable in its operations.

(b)   Our Management Team

BCFE’s Management Team comprises of the Principal Cecilia Munro, three Deputy Principals Jacqueline Moloney, John Moriarty and Dr Denis Murray and Assistant Principals (I and II), all of whom are members of the teaching staff.


Established in 1979 as the Senior College, Ballyfermot the college was a provider of senior cycle, second level education and pre-employment programmes to local young people. The first post Leaving Certificate courses began in 1980 and the funding of Vocational Preparation and Training Programme (VPTP) education by the European Social Fund enabled the college to establish itself as one of the first Colleges of Further Education in the State. The delivery of second level programmes was phased out in 1993 and the college is now the second largest provider of Further Education in Ireland. It was renamed Ballyfermot College of Further Education in 1999.


  • Art, Design and Graphics
  • Business
  • Animation
  • Digital
  • Media
  • Moving Images
  • Music Performance, Sound & Management
  • Tourism & Travel, Lifelong Learning
  • Social Care


The college is made up of four buildings:

  • Main Building, located on Ballyfermot Road
  • Media Building, located on Ballyfermot Road
  • Arts Building, located on Kylemore Road
  • The college Sports hall is located in the Ballyfermot Leisure Centre, Le Fanu Road