Ballyfermot College of Further Education BCFE


Kim Manley Killeen


commenced the Social Care Studies Level 6 Advanced course in Sept 2019 as a mature student. At the beginning I was somewhat nervous as I had not been in a classroom setting since my leaving cert in 2004.  The teachers I had were extremely patient, helpful and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ballyfermot College, made friends for life and learned all sorts of nuggets of wisdom from my classes. Would highly recommend this course to anybody. 

Ian Fallon


Television & Digital Film (ITC) student 2018-2019

In 2019 I completed the one year course in BCFE in Television and Digital Film (ITC). Prior to applying, I had little or no experience in this area and was unsure if I would like it, let alone see it as a possible future career. Luckily, with the great introduction the course provided in different areas of filmmaking, from screen writing to editing, television production and photography, I realised that I had found the career path for me.

With supportive, friendly and knowledgeable teaching, BCFE gave me a great foundation in the skills I need to communicate my stories and begin my journey into the industry. Some  highlights from the year were the end of year exhibition of our films and photography, taking part in script read-throughs and gaining invaluable teamwork experience.

I was able to use my ITC short film “Victim”, to successfully secure a place on the Film & Television Production course in IADT where I’m continuing my education. For the same film I was nominated in the ‘film under 5 minutes’ category for the Royal Television Society Student Awards 2020, for the Republic of Ireland. Given that this was my very first film, I was extremely pleased with the nomination, and am thankful to BCFE for providing me with these opportunities

Dean Harding


Before starting my course in Ballyfermot, I had recently finished my Leaving Cert. I had decided I wanted to go to college. I  found the Digital Marketing and Content Creation course and wanted to see what it would be like and what could it lead to.

My experience during the course was that it was different to what I expected it to be. I thought that it would be more social media focused but was more spread over different areas such as public relations and multimedia web authoring.

My time and experience in the college was good as I met lots of new people and learned new things in the course.  I am set to do the two year Higher National Diploma for Business in the college this year and next year.  From doing this new course I hope to go on and do my university degree in business and pursue a career in business.

Tara Walsh

Entertainment Reporter

2018 Graduate Tara Walsh 

My name is Tara Walsh and I’m the entertainment reporter for SPIN 1038 and SPIN South West. I also present my own show every Saturday from 3pm to 7pm on SPIN 1038.

My job involves writing on-air entertainment news bulletins and presenting them live every hour across the day. In addition to this, I write entertainment articles for both station’s websites. 

I began my career in the Radio HND course as a student at Ballyfermot College of Further Education in 2016.

At that time I knew absolutely no one in the industry and I had very little experience in broadcasting. Thanks to my amazing lecturers, I made contacts in the industry and managed to get my foot in the door. 

In my final year, I did my Erasmus to 89.7 Bay Radio in Malta, the number one station there

I can’t recommend this college highly enough

Nosa Osarenkhoe 

Social Care Worker

The Advanced Cert in Social Care course helped me to know more about people, about intellectual disabilitiesand holistic care as well as applying a person centered Approach. 

There is a Work Experience element to this course. I did my placement at a Community Centre. The service users I worked with there were youths that are between 11 years to 17 years of age who had behavioural challenges. Additionally I worked with people who have autism ranging from 14 to 19 years of age. I enjoyed working with all service users. 

I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to work directly helping people. 

Simon OLeary

Simon O’Leary

Reporter and Producer

2018 Graduate Simon O’Leary 

I really found my feet during the two year radio course as it was so hands on and practical. 

I did Media & Broadcasting Diploma (MND) then Radio Programming & Production Diploma Level 6 Higher National Diploma (MRH) course and then Media Production Management BA Degree all in BCFE

The lecturers are so encouraging and supportive of work placements and they have the network to help you get your foot in the door of Ireland’s biggest broadcasters. It’s so important to put the theory learned in lectures into practice in the workplace as it’s the only way to get a start in the industry. Ballyfermot is so encouraging of this and I’ll always be forever grateful for their drive to get me into the workplace.

I’m now living in London and freelance as a producer for Sky News and Channel 4 News. I’m currently a reporter and producer on the BBC’s flagship day time news programme, The Victoria Derbyshire programme which airs each weekday on BBC Two and the News Channel.

See my BBC TV Report here

Jessica Maciel

Jessica Maciel

Radio Presenter & Producer

I’m Jessica and I did the Radio Programming & Production Diploma Level 6 Higher National Diploma (MRH) course and then Media Production Management BA Degree.

Since I graduated in September 2018, I have been able to use all of the skills that I got from my radio course to help me progress in the industry. 

The 3 years I spent in the college helped me to open up as a person and meet and network with new people. Having lecturers that have worked in the industry was such a huge advantage and really prepared me for what was to come. 

I did my Erasmus in Spirit Radio in Helsinki, Finland.

I am now a Radio Presenter & Producer working with Spin 1038, 98FMToday FM and BBC Radio 1

Agnes Kennedy 


I attended BCFE  in 2015 and as a stay home mum for 10 years, returning to education as a mature student was a massive step.  I shouldn’t have worried though. As from the moment I went to the open evening and attended for interview, I knew that Business, Office and Administration Studies (BOS) at BCFE was the course for me.  The teachers I met were friendly and open and this continued throughout the year.   They worked hard to help everyone achieve their full potential and were always very approachable.

The course was great for gaining business knowledge and office skills applicable to today’s workplace.  It helped me build my confidence and make many new friends. During the course I also completed a work placement at the Research Development Offices in Maynooth University. This was a fantastic experience and allowed me to use the skills that I had gained during the course.

After finishing the BOS course I immediately entered the workplace by securing a position in Peamount Healthcare.  I work for the Director of Nursing and my role here is varied and challenging but by completing BOS it gave me the confidence needed to apply for this post and the skills to succeed.

I had a fantastic year at BCFE and I realised that all the hard work had paid off when I put on my gown & mitre and collected my Certificate at the Graduation Ceremony. This is one of my happiest and proudest days and a memory I will always cherish. Thank you BCFE.

James Geraghty

Second Year Student on Business HND

I decided to study at Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE) because of its excellent reputation as a college whose main goal is to ensure all students leave with the best qualifications possible. The reason I chose the Business, Office and Administration programme was because it is a great course for building the skills and the knowledge needed to work in a business environment. It has also allowed me to learn more about myself and what I am capable of doing.  After completing this one-year programme I progressed on to the Higher National Diploma Level 6 in Business (BHND) where I am currently in my second year. I also intend on continuing to Degree level in Business in the future. I believe my year in BOS has prepared me for the BHND as it provided a solid foundation for this higher level Diploma. The staff are experts in their field of study and are always willing to provide assistance to students who need it.

The BOS course has provided me with the confidence I needed to know what I want to do in my life and future career and it set me on the right path.  I recommend BCFE and the BOS course to anyone who is interested in working in an office or Business environment and to those looking for a more practical business course.