Ballyfermot College of Further Education BCFE


Dean Marshall


SVC Social Care Studies Level 6 Advanced

I am currently studying my Level 6 Advanced Cert in Social Studies in Ballyfermot College, approaching the end of the college year brings time for reflection both personal and professional and in that reflection, I have looked at how accommodating this college has been to my needs as to the needs of my classmates. Studying during the time of covid isn’t an easy task although the team at BCFE have evolved completely to the situation and have made necessary arrangements to suit students such as extension deadlines on assignments, shorter classes to reflect the needs of parents within the class and have provided elements of wellbeing, positive mental health and a high quality of care to all students during times of stress, unease and uncertainty and I could not recommend this college enough to others.

Michelle McAuley


SVC Social Care Studies Level 6 Advanced

My name is Michelle McAuley and I am a graduate of the level 6 Advanced Certificate in Social Care. I think this year has been the hardest year for anyone to go back to college specifically those who’ve had a long break from education. It’s a dense course packed with information and a lot of assignments but the staff here at BCFE are so good to us. From extending deadlines, responding to emails and helping us on every single part we needed. This course covers a wide variety of topics needed to help integrate those who wish to further educate themselves or those who wish to get a job within the sector.

Alan Doherty

Musician - composer - producer - videographer

PTH Irish Traditional Music Performance Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

Growing up in Dublin I was surrounded by amazing singing sessions. When I found out there was a course on Irish music I jumped at it. Studying in BCFE on the Ceoltóir course made me believe I could have a career in music, which is all I even wanted to do. Getting the chance to study Irish and other types of folk music and also learning about the music industry was something that was taught to me on the course. And thankfully 25 years on I am still making a successful career in my music.

Camilla Abu

Master’s Degree Student in Digital Marketing, DCU

BET Pre-University Level 5 Certificate

Completing a foundation course with BCFE was a good decision in my case. It offered me the environment, tools and confidence to take on 3rd level study. I not only developed skills in writing and research, which I applied on a very regular basis on my Communications degree at DCU, but I also developed the capability to tackle 3rd level study. Going from BCFE’s foundation course to DCU’s BA in Communications felt like a smooth transition after all the work I had put in, as well as all the support I received from BCFE. The year I spent at BCFE, helped build my academic confidence to the point that I felt I could approach any task presented to me at University. Definitely BCFE positively contributed to where I am now.

Daoirí Farrell

Multi award winning singer and performer

PTH Irish Traditional Music Performance (HND)

During my two years of study here, I found myself emerged in all things music and I really loved every minute of it. I came out at the end a more confident and knowledgeable musician. I started playing the bouzouki during my time on this course and it was a solid foundation I needed for the music career that lay ahead of me. For that I thank all the lecturers at BCFE on the Ceoltóir course for their continued support.

Frankie Gaffney

Author and Lecturer

BET Pre-University Level 5 Certificate

I didn’t do well at school, I started a course in Ballyfermot College of Further Education when I was 25. This course directly led to my being accepted by Trinity College Dublin, where I eventually attained a BA in History and English Literature, and an M.Phil. in linguistics. Last year I got my PhD there. I also had a novel published (Dublin Seven), and have written various articles along with multiple appearances on national TV and Radio. The gentle introduction to academic writing I got at BCFE really helped me build the foundations to get back into education and progress to the highest levels, and allowed me to excel in University. The atmosphere at BCFE was great, the staff really supportive and helpful, and the small class sizes meant there was an opportunity to avail of the sort of one on one attention from teachers that is rare at third level. I cannot recommend this institution enough, the course really got me out of a rut, and started me on a path that would change my life.

Cheryl Finnerty


RTL Return to Learning

Overall, … the RTL course was a great experience and gave me great confidence moving forward in my life

Vera Gsenger

Musician and Performer

PRH Contemporary Music Performance Diploma (HND)

BCFE offered the space for me to start writing songs myself. In addition to that I got the chance to gain experience and learn about live performance in a band setting. I’ve experienced so much creativity, so many talented musicians with unique styles and what spoke to me the most was the support of artistry. The main focus lay on every artist being unique and refining their individual styles instead of making them into something they are actually not.

Kat O’Connor

Deputy Editor,

MJH Higher National Diploma in Journalism

BCFE’s journalism course gave me the confidence, courage and knowledge to pursue a career in journalism. I landed an internship at a women’s digital media publication in 2017 and was promoted to Deputy Editor of three websites, including in 2019. I’ve been able to interview all kinds of people thanks to the skills I developed during my two years at BCFE. The course is hands-on, practical and gives you a strong understanding of the industry and will strengthen your love of writing and storytelling.