Ballyfermot College of Further Education BCFE


Ginte Sipaviciute

Car Sales

In 2015, I decided that to be successful in life I needed to have a good job/career and to secure this I needed the right qualification. After researching available courses I decided to do Business, Office and Administration (BOS) in Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE).

Having originally left secondary school after 3rd year, I thought it would be quite hard getting back into education. However, when I started the one-year BOS course in September 2015, I couldn’t have been happier. The teachers were so helpful and they made everything so easy to understand.

As part of this course, students also have the opportunity to complete a two week work (experience) placement in an office environment. I chose to do mine in the Toyota garage in Ashbourne. This went very well and I was even offered a job in reception when I finished my course. After a couple of months of working on reception, I moved to car sales, where I am still currently employed. I have my own office, business cards and everything else that I didn’t expect to have before I started the BOS course.

I am absolutely delighted that I chose the Business Office and Administration programme in Ballyfermot College as it is the reason why I have my current career. I highly recommend this College and this course.


Noel Aungier

HND in Film Production Student

In 2015 I began my first course in BCFE in Television and Digital Film (ITC). It had been 15 years since I was last in full time education and as a mature student I was unsure how I would fare. The course gave me an introduction to many elements of film making, from photography and editing to screen writing and live TV production.

I found the teaching staff to be friendly, dedicated and highly skilled. BCFE gave me the skills needed to produce the stories I wanted to tell, and the skills I learnt enabled me to progress to the HND in Film Production (IFH).

Two of the highlights of my year were our end of year exhibition of our films and photography and being given the opportunity of producing a live studio piece in the college.

My first short film as Director/Writer film “Trixie” was selected by the college to represent BCFE in The Royal Television Society Awards for the Republic of Ireland and I am very pleased to have received the Student award for Best Comedy & Entertainment. It was an unbelievable moment and I will always be grateful to BCFE for giving me the skills and confidence to express my sense of humour visually and creatively.

laura jordan

Laura Jordan

Textile Artist

I graduated in 2014 with a HND in Fibre Art and Textile Design from BCFE. I loved this Fibre Art Course, it was absolutely amazing! It was challenging, rewarding and an excellent learning experience. The tutors were fantastic, really helpful and approachable with any queries about assignments. Year 1 is all about drawing, design, sampling various techniques, visual notebooks and developing ideas. Year 2 is more self-directed as each student can focus on their favourite techniques that they sampled in Year 1. They can combine, create and explore these ideas further. At the end of Year 2, students get the opportunity to showcase some of their pieces at an Exhibition. Since graduating, I’ve been running my own business selling Textile wall art and commissioned pieces. I am almost three years into my career now and I am eternally grateful to the college for all the skills and knowledge I gained. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a passion for art, design, learning and fun!

See Laura’s work on her website

claudine tierney

Claudine Tierney


I have spent the last three academic years in BCFE. During this time I completed the HND in Fibre Art (Textile Design & Fine Art). As a mature student I found the college to be very accommodating. I have had an enormous amount of support during this time with coordinators and staff. I feel that I have gained a large collection of skills along the way and having the opportunity to develop these and experiment with different mediums has helped me to grow in knowledge and confidence. After a difficult year I take away with me the knowledge that I can further my education or further my skills and use them to the best of my ability. I feel I am very lucky to have learned about professional practice during this time and how valuable and useful this will be in my chosen career. I feel that we were given excellent support and all teachers offered new and exciting ways at looking at each subject.

See Claudine’s work on behance and instagram.

Grainne Quinn


I successfully completed a two year Higher National Diploma in Fibre Art and Textile Design in 2016.  In all, sixteen modules were covered over the two years including Life Drawing, Textile Design, Art History, Photography and Visual Studies to name a few.  The college has a very friendly and comfortable atmosphere and all the teachers are passionate and committed to the success of their students.  I laughed often and cried sometimes, I was challenged, encouraged and often way out of my comfort zone.  I have discovered what kind of Artist I am and I have embraced it.

Ina Olohan

Ina Olohan


The HND in Fibre Art & Textile Design course offers the student a wide range of skills and experience in the areas of Research, Design and Studio Practise. It was an excellent orientation to the world of textile art and design allowing me to sample processes as diverse as Batik, Screen print, Embroidery, Fine Art Print and Hand Weaving. There is an emphasis on drawing and painting also, and on using techniques to generate designs from original artwork. It is a full and rich course, challenging, demanding and not for the faint hearted!

See Ina’s website here

Kirsten Hodgson

Kirsten Hodgson

Newly Graduated from NCAD BA Hons Fine Art

I graduated from the HND Fibre Art & Textile Design in Ballyfermot in 2015 having had the most incredible 2 years of education. The standard of teaching I received was the best, with constant help and advice from Orla & Louise. They both knew what I was capable of and encouraged me to achieve my full potential. The professional skills learned stood me in good stead on my journey through to my BA Hons Fine Art degree at NCAD. Loved every minute!

View Kirsten’s work here

Maria Place Testimonial

Maria Place

Training Development Officer, Workforce Learning & Development, TUSLA Child & Family Agency

My time in BCFE completing the HND in Fibre Art was perhaps one of the most challenging two  years of my life but also probably one of the most rewarding experiences.  The tutors are creative, careful, inspiring and driven.  The facilities staff are cheerful and accommodating; altogether the staff at BCFE Arts Block create a lovely atmosphere.  The work is varied enough for both the focused and eclectic and the productivity level is high and hectic at times. But the quality and standard of delivery from both tutors and students, as a result, is exceptional.  I would recommend this programme to anyone seeking a strong, varied and sound skills base for launching themselves into further academic or professional artistic pursuits.

Siobhan Kelly

Siobhan Kelly

Textile Artist

I got so much more out of this course than I ever expected. There is such a variety of modules within Fibre Art that I’ve learnt so many skills and techniques. First year is great, you learn the skills and put them into practice; ceramics, printed textiles and fine art print. Second year I really loved. I knew what I liked and what areas I was good at from finishing first year, so we had the freedom to use any techniques and drive our work in a direction that we wanted ourselves. I felt second year really gave me an understanding how the techniques are used in everyday life, outside of college. It gave me the clarity of different professions that are out there. I think the style of second year boosted our confidence and certainly made me realise the profession I want to pursue in the future. As well as the skills it taught me the professional side, which I didn’t know how important it is for me to know. I did find this course hard and it takes over your life but for me it was most definitely worth it. I found something that I love and didn’t know I could even do before this course. The tutors are so helpful, they really push you to expand your ideas, no idea is too crazy. They know your potential and they really do try and make you see it also. They’re always around and checking in with how the projects are going, I never felt lost or left on my own during a project.