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Graduate Showcase Invite 2019

BCFE Games and Animation SHOWCASE 2019

BCFE IFI Showcase 2019

7pm Wednesday 22nd May 2019, IFI, 6 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland

(Note: see our pdf poster at the bottom of this post)

A screening of student games and animation production within a single academic year. This year there is a selection of productions generated across 2 levels of study. A selection of games, short animation films and commercial advertising prototypes exhibit a diversity of narrative structures and the technical application of coding, design and animation skill. The exhibition of graduate work is solely produced during the 2018-2019 academic year from the BA Hons Visual Media Program of study .

The showcase will be officially opened by Chris Vossen of Larian Studios, an internationally renowned studio, due to open a Dublin facility in June 2019. The Showcase in the IFI, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, is a select preview of productions from BCFE. Narrative themes debate issues such as the reality of academic pressure and that affecting mental stability, and health, the threat of territorial invasion and cultural strategies for defense and survival. Themes and references are evidenced against both traditional and futuristic sets of sensibilities, with humour and terror in equal measure…

The original promotional art is provided is by John Knowles who has specialised in Animation study at BCFE over a 5 year period. The image, is a screen grab from the recent ‘Legend Has It’ collaborative Animation Film Short.


Miriam van Gelderen

Graduate Showcase Invite 2019 pdf

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