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By The Book: BCFE links with Kylemore College

Neighbouring colleges link together through the medium of books!

Last week, 5th and 6th Years from Kylemore College undertook the task of creating and binding their own books (left and below) by hand in a workshop facilitated by BCFE. During the two-hour session, pupils worked diligently to produce three final pieces: A folded zine, a stitched Single-Section Book and an Accordion Book.

Bookbinding is one of the craft options on the Leaving Cert and this workshop aimed to offer pupils the opportunity to see the potential in the medium and to consider the possibility of developing it further in preparation for the exam.

As a follow-on, these 5th & 6th Years are invited to BCFE in October, to meet with Art Students, namely 2nd Year Illustration, to view and take influence from their Visual Notebooks.  Research development is emphasised in the Leaving Cert Curriculum and pupils are at the beginning of their own ideas generation.  Linking with BCFE students aims to inform some creative content and layout options for the Kylemore pupils. During this visit to BCFE, the full range of courses here will be discussed with them and they will gain insight into the varied options available.

To further continue this link, the same group will return to BCFE in April for another facilitated workshop.

Earlier in September, Kylemore College kindly hosted the Illustration students for a viewing of their Silent Book Exhibition.

Kylemore 2
Kylemore 2
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