Biodiversity Meadow

BCFE’s Biodiversity Meadow

BCFE has become the second CDETB college to pioneer a nature-friendly approach to parts of our grounds; the other is Ballsbridge CFE (See All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2021-2025  Supporters).

In our biodiversity meadow, mowing will be in line with All-Ireland Pollinator Plan guidelines, geared towards biodiversity.

“No-Mow May”

The “no-mow May” element of the AIPP, whereby mowing is deferred until the end of that month, means that mowing will take place in early June; mid-July and early September. Small selected areas with significant species will be left as long-flowering zones. The system is better for nature, beneficial for staff and students, and involves lower costs.

National Biodiversity Centre

Our accompanying photo taken by Michael McCloskey of the BAMPM in the biodiversity meadow, is of a cowslip. This was identified by his classmate Samuel McManus, as well as by Lorraine Bull, Biodiversity Officer with Dublin City Council. The National Biodiversity Centre comments:

“In some parts of Ireland cowslips are quite common, however in others they are rare and almost lost. In Northern Ireland they are so rare that they are a protected species”.

In the UK, the Wildlife Trust remarked

“the loss of these habitats has caused a serious decline in its populations and now fields coloured bright yellow with its nodding heads are a rare sight”.

More Information

A useful video, “Creating Meadows for Biodiversity“, is available on the AIPP website.

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