holy shocking saints

Launch of childrens’ book “Holy Shocking Saints”


“Holy Shocking Saints” is a beautifully illustrated book celebrating the extraordinary lives of twelve remarkable people whether mystics, healers or holy people, their strong belief was the catalyst that set them on the spiritual path. Some renounced wealth, position and marriage proposals; others had a burning desire to explore the world to teach about their faith.

Determined and fearless, most of these men and women had to conduct, endure or witness shocking deeds throughout their lives. Their acts of kindness, incredible achievements and miracles that occurred before and a er their deaths eventually made them saints.

From Colmcille confronting the Loch Ness Monster, to Brendan setting sail across the Atlantic, to Lí Ban transforming into a mermaid for three hundred years, whether fact or fiction this collection of stories will delight and entertain readers from ages seven and up.

“If you’ve ever wondered why Ireland is known as the Land of Saints and Scholars, this is the book for you! With clear, well-written text and striking, colourful illustrations this book makes the ideal choice for any school or home library.’ Sarah Webb, children’s writer and children’s book reviewer


Síne Quinn is a managing editor and creative writing teacher with an MPhil in Children’s Literature.

Margaret Anne Suggs is predominately a children’s book illustrator and has published over a dozen books in four languages.

Keep an eye out also for another recent book (below) illustrated by Margaret and written by Kathleen Watkins: “Pigín’s Unexpected Adventure”.


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