Mature student tells of her experience in BCFE

My Experience in BCFE

The first couple of days I was so nervous returning to college to do a course as a mature student in my 40s, as I did not know anyone, but I soon made friends within our class-group.

I had no experience of using a laptop for completing assignments, but I soon learned with the help of the fantastic teachers. They showed me how set up folders and how to download notes and submit my assignments online. I had the best time ever and I was so emotional leaving. If I can give new mature students some advice, if you are worried about how tough it might be or how it might be in a class with younger students please don’t stress. The help I got from my teachers and classmates was brilliant, so a mixed group worked out very well.

The teachers in BCFE are the best I have ever had, so very helpful. They encourage you to work to your potential, and support each student throughout the time they’re here.

Please do not give up on your dreams.

Leona Rogers

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