Nursing and Special Needs students 1

Nursing and Special Needs students get geared up for Patient Handling Training.

Over the past two weekends, BCFE’s Nursing and Specials Needs Students swapped their everyday clothes for nursing scrubs, gloves, visors and masks with which to participate in their yearly Patient Handling training. Safety was the number one priority as students worked with trainers from Muscular Dystrophy Ireland on basic patient handling skills.

From rolling patients to the correct use of the hoist, each student had the opportunity to perform a number of vital skills in front of the trainer and their classmates. While this took place tutors Anna Gacquin and Kathleen Noone recorded the students using the specialized equipment.

Due to the current Covid restrictions, a lot of planning was required to ensure the safety of every student, their trainers and maintenance staff. The correct use of the specialized uniforms was as important a learning experience as the course itself.

Despite a long day the students loved the course and found the content very engaging and of practical use. With many classes taking place over zoom, the students also relished the opportunity to meet up in a safe manner.

Thanks to all the staff and students who made it success and particularly Liam Plunket for opening the building on a weekend.



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