In Praise of Shadows

Public Art Installation by former Graphic Design student Mimi Seery

Mimi Seery, who studied Graphic Design at BCFE in 2018, has received her first public art commission from Westmeath County Council and Create Ireland, running from 3-22 September. It will also be included in this years Culture Night program. See left and for a shot of the installation, and below for a short video of the work, and the promo poster.

In Praise of Shadows is a typographic shadow installation that uses our most powerful and nurturing natural resource – the sun – to directly communicate the message of focusing on the present moment. Nature is literally speaking to us. Watching the text appear and disappear corresponding to the shadows cast by the above sundial reminds us of how fleeting, and how special each and every moment we have really is.

In Praise of Shadows: Promo poster
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