Restoring a number of statues from Cherry Orchard Church in time for Christmas

Students on the ADT (Art Design & Three Dimensional Studies ), a one-year art program, have been working very hard on restoring a number of statues from  Cherry Orchard Church. The restoration involved completing several repairs on the large fiberglass statues: clearing and priming the statues before stating the colour mixing and finally the task of carefully painting each figure. The figures are “modelled in paint” to give a more realistic look. These statues were a feature of Dublin Christmas for many years and may have been originally displayed at O’Connell Street Nativity. While doing this work, students gained an insight into areas such as restoration work, props painting, makeup artistry and specialist painting: further information on the ADT art programme.

A very special thanks to the following students for working on this project,  Calum Nixon, Sarah Orr,  Sean Scully, John Francis Gilligan, Sophia Doyle, Natalie Flanagan and Erika Styres.


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