Erica Hogarty

Graphic and UI Designer

DMH AGH MPM Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help and support offered by the tutors at Ballyfermot. I completed 3 courses during my time here, AGH Graphic Design, DMH Digital Media and a BA Hons Degree in Media Production Management, where I’ve met lifelong friends, had the opportunity to partake in an Erasmus programme in Finland and in my final year received Student of the Year award.

There’s a real sense of community in the college. Even the college porters are great craic. Having smaller classes definitely guarantees a more personalised experience letting you benefit from one-to-ones with your tutors. Not only do they teach you the theory behind the course you’re studying, but also prepare you with the practical skills to succeed in an industry environment. The tutors on each course are extremely talented, passionate and easy-going. Their positive classroom atmosphere was incredibly motivating and engaging, where you were never afraid to ask silly questions. Even after graduating, I am still in contact with a handful of tutors who I am forever grateful for.

I cannot recommend Ballyfermot enough. I will always cherish my years studying here.

Emily Good

Designer with Conference Partners

AGH HND in Graphic Design

I would highly recommend the Graphic Design course at BCFE to anyone interested in studying or working in the field. It is an
incredibly diverse, challenging and rewarding progamme of study that went way beyond my expectations of what is possible to learn in just two years.

There is a wonderful variation in the different modules taught in the course; design history, typography, motion graphics, ideas generation, editorial to name just a few! Everyone has their own Apple Mac computer to work on and high quality printers are provided for printing up final projects. In terms of value, there is no comparison.

The teaching staff are fantastic! Their experience and  enthusiasm for the subject of visual communication is inspiring. They are generous with advice and always patient and encouraging. The dedication they show to teaching is really motivating. It is unique to find such willingness to share expertise and their contribution to the success of the course cannot be underestimated. From the beginning they in-still a great work ethic, which is vital when it comes to finding work in the industry.

I came to the course as a graduate of Fine Art. Having completed my degree almost ten years ago, I was nervous that I might find it difficult to use the computer software. This was never an issue, lessons were meticulously planned out and guidance was always available where needed for any students.

I was delighted to be able to start my career as a Graphic Designer as soon as I finished the course. When I started work I found that everything I learned at BCFE had fully prepared me for the job and I am so grateful for that.

If you want to be a Graphic Designer, DO THIS COURSE!!

Graham Moynes

Designer with O’Neills Irish International Sports Co. Ltd.

AGH HND in Graphic Design

I cannot recommend this course enough. Whether you are pursuing further education or, like I was, looking for a job in the creative industry, this course is invaluable. I went straight into employment after finishing the course and I found that I was able to apply to a wide range of jobs because of the versatile set of skills I had learned. The entire staff were always friendly and encouraging and always wanted the students to do the best they could. Above all, the course taught me how to think like a designer and how to work efficiently and effectively. It was a challenge, but I cannot say how worthwhile it was. It changed my life.

Gabriella Makrai

Design Monks

AGH HND in Graphic Design

My motivation for choosing the two year HND in Graphic Design at BCFE was that the skill set taught there provided the opportunity to go straight into the industry after college.

Adrienne Fanning

Graphic Designer with Intercake

AGH HND in Graphic Design

Deciding to go back to college was the difficult step, once that decision was made picking which college I wanted to attend was a bit simpler. Just mention Ballyfermot and instantly people in the know say ‘Oh that college has a great reputation!!’ After some research, I quickly figured out that not only their reputation was an attraction but also the course content. Covering all the programs, like Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, that I was interested in learning, the course also seemed to offer in-depth training in areas like Art Direction, Research Techniques and Advanced Computer Graphics that I definitely needed some extensive knowledge of if I wanted to progress in the Visual Communications industry. After two amazing years I learned much more than I could possibly have imagined. But most of all I came away with a passion for Graphic Design and design thinking that is so evident in BCFE. The tutors level of skill and expertise of this area is at a level that I hadn’t experienced in any other course I had ever done. I was offered one of the first jobs I went for as a Graphic and Web Designer, my employers being totally amazed by the portfolio I had produced in 2 short years at Ballyfermot.

Edel Quinn

Art Director with Chemistry

AGH HND in Graphic Design

I could not recommend the BCFE Graphics programme highly enough. The quality & dedication of the teachers is stellar and the course really focuses on preparing students for industry. It’s a great time to be in digital arts and within weeks of graduating, I was working full-time as a graphic designer earning a decent wage. Thankfully my training in BCFE meant there was no need to do an internship. My BCFE portfolio was very well received at interviews and great praise was given to its relevance in teaching areas such as infographics and packaging. Within 18 months of graduating, I got a job in one of the country’s top design studios and I still can’t believe my luck. I owe my success to BCFE and all the teachers on the Graphics course.