Alan Doherty

Musician - composer - producer - videographer

PTH Irish Traditional Music Performance Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

Growing up in Dublin I was surrounded by amazing singing sessions. When I found out there was a course on Irish music I jumped at it. Studying in BCFE on the Ceoltóir course made me believe I could have a career in music, which is all I even wanted to do. Getting the chance to study Irish and other types of folk music and also learning about the music industry was something that was taught to me on the course. And thankfully 25 years on I am still making a successful career in my music.

Daoirí Farrell

Multi award winning singer and performer

PTH Irish Traditional Music Performance (HND)

During my two years of study here, I found myself emerged in all things music and I really loved every minute of it. I came out at the end a more confident and knowledgeable musician. I started playing the bouzouki during my time on this course and it was a solid foundation I needed for the music career that lay ahead of me. For that I thank all the lecturers at BCFE on the Ceoltóir course for their continued support.