Ginte Sipaviciute

Car Sales

BOS Business, Office and Administration Studies

In 2015, I decided that to be successful in life I needed to have a good job/career and to secure this I needed the right qualification. After researching available courses I decided to do Business, Office and Administration (BOS) in Ballyfermot College of Further Education (BCFE).

Having originally left secondary school after 3rd year, I thought it would be quite hard getting back into education. However, when I started the one-year BOS course in September 2015, I couldn’t have been happier. The teachers were so helpful and they made everything so easy to understand.

As part of this course, students also have the opportunity to complete a two week work (experience) placement in an office environment. I chose to do mine in the Toyota garage in Ashbourne. This went very well and I was even offered a job in reception when I finished my course. After a couple of months of working on reception, I moved to car sales, where I am still currently employed. I have my own office, business cards and everything else that I didn’t expect to have before I started the BOS course.

I am absolutely delighted that I chose the Business Office and Administration programme in Ballyfermot College as it is the reason why I have my current career. I highly recommend this College and this course.


Noel Aungier

HND in Film Production Student

ITC IFH Television and Digital Film

In 2015 I began my first course in BCFE in Television and Digital Film (ITC). It had been 15 years since I was last in full time education and as a mature student I was unsure how I would fare. The course gave me an introduction to many elements of film making, from photography and editing to screen writing and live TV production.

I found the teaching staff to be friendly, dedicated and highly skilled. BCFE gave me the skills needed to produce the stories I wanted to tell, and the skills I learnt enabled me to progress to the HND in Film Production (IFH).

Two of the highlights of my year were our end of year exhibition of our films and photography and being given the opportunity of producing a live studio piece in the college.

My first short film as Director/Writer film “Trixie” was selected by the college to represent BCFE in The Royal Television Society Awards for the Republic of Ireland and I am very pleased to have received the Student award for Best Comedy & Entertainment. It was an unbelievable moment and I will always be grateful to BCFE for giving me the skills and confidence to express my sense of humour visually and creatively.

"The strengths of the VFX & 3D Technology programme are its timing, in terms of the trajectory of the industry in Ireland." Michael Fitzgibbon IFX Year 1 Student

Michael Fitzgibbon


IFX Visual Effects and 3D Technology (HND)

The strengths of the VFX & 3D Technology programme are:

  • Its timing, in terms of the trajectory of the industry in Ireland.
  • The access to industry standard software.
  • The tutors who work in industry.
  • It’s clear that a lot of research went into setting up the programme.
  • The willingness of the full time staff to support the students.
"One of the great things about the VFX & 3D Technology course is the strong ties to industry" Anita Bonesteel Dice – IFX Year 1 Student

Anita Bonesteel Dice


IFX Visual Effects and 3D Technology (HND)

One of the great things about the VFX & 3D Technology course is the strong ties to industry – the frequency and quality of guest speakers has been beneficial and insightful, as have the extra-curricular activities the tutors have involved us in; be it film screenings or a visit to a studio. These activities have been positive and encouraging and have led to more cohesion as a class.

Sinead McDonald HND in Digital Design and Technology (UX, UI) testimonial

Sinead McDonald

Visual Artist and Media Lecturer

DMH Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND)  was a truly excellent reintroduction to education, giving the support and scope I needed to re-engage with learning, as I had been out of education for several years. The modules and assignments were both interesting and challenging, with a perfect mix of practical and creative that made the entire course a genuinely enjoyable experience. There was a lovely mix of group and individual assignments that allowed for a supportive peer environment; seven years after graduating I’m still in touch with my classmates, and they have proven to be a valuable network both professionally and personally. The teaching staff were wonderful, providing the learning and professional support that is only possible in a small-classroom environment. I went on in my education, enrolling in year 3 of the Creative Digital Media Degree at ITT and then an MA at NCAD. I’m currently writing proposals for a PhD. I now work as a professional visual artist and a media lecturer.

Gary Walsh HND in Digital Design and Technology (UX, UI) Testimonial

Gary Walsh

Digital Marketing Executive

DMH Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

DMH helped me benchmark myself against other candidates due to the wide range of topics I had covered from graphic design to website design and animation. Learning the wide range of software taught on the course allowed me to easily pick up other new programmes. I quickly moved from Junior Graphic Designer in 2013 to Website Manager and then into Digital Marketing Executive. To have both the practical skills I learned in the Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) and the knowledge of how to promote it through Digital Marketing gives me a great edge in this industry. I now work for The Sales Institute of Ireland, where my designs are viewed daily by directors & CEOs. Our members include Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Aviva, Social Talent and Microsoft. To get my position DMH was a defining asset to me with the ability to create all aspects of marketing from posters to websites. I would like to extend my gratitude to the DMH staff. You helped shape me to become who I am today and I will always be grateful for that.

Rory McQuilan Nolan HND in Digital Design and Technology (UX, UI) Testimonial

Rory McQuillan Nolan

Digital Designer in Isobar

DMH Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

The Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) really helped me kickstart my career, I already knew where I wanted to be but knowing exactly what route was not as easy. The course gave a wide range of classes that give you a glimpse into most sections of the media industry. I quickly found out what level of perfection is needed to succeed in the business and I realised I needed to up-skill in some areas because of this! The teachers were some of the nicest and most talented people I’ve met, always there when and if we needed them. If a problem were to arise you knew you didn’t have to hesitate to ask! The smaller classes are more engaging and you learn a lot more than in a lecture hall with 300+ people. BCFE was the right chose in my opinion. I personally dropped out of NUIM to go here because of the recommendations I was getting from past pupils and could not have been happier with the results. The course helped me get to my current job as a Digital Designer in Isobar and for that I can’t recommend it enough!

Jody Briggs HND in Digital Design and Technology (UX, UI) Testimonial

Jody Briggs

Graphic Designer and 2D Animator

DMH Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) Level 6 Higher

Having completed a Fine Art degree as a teenager, I decided at 25 to return to college to train for a career that would still allow me to be creative. I decided to enroll in Ballyfermot’s Web Design – Advanced App & Web UI/UX Diploma (HND) (DMH) to become a digital designer. I knew Ballyfermot had a reputation for being a school that taught its students usable, relevant skills. After two years in the digital media course, that is exactly what I got. The course opened up a new world to me and I quickly developed a passion for digital design that I draw upon today in my current career. I’ve been a professional graphic designer and 2D animator for five years. I currently work at Icon Clinical animating content for clinical trials. I owe that position to my time in Ballyfermot. DMH taught me the skills and knowledge I needed to enter the workplace as a viable job candidate. The teachers from each module gave me the help and direction I needed to make sure that after I graduated I was prepared for my new career.

Sharon O Donohue HND in Television Operations & Production Testimonial

Sharon O’Donoghue

Promotions Producer for TV3

MND ITH HND in Television Operations & Production

When I set about searching for the right media course, Ballyfermot came highly recommended by various industry professionals I’d contacted for advice. I attended two courses at BCFE, BJS (now MND – Diploma in Media & Broadcasting) and THND (now ITH HND in Television Operations & Production). My time at Ballyfermot was very enjoyable and well worth it. Since leaving BCFE, I have worked for all the major players such as The Farm, Setanta Sports, RTE and TV3. It’s been fantastic to work alongside many of the friends I made at the college. At present I am working full time as a Promotions Producer for TV3.