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Two BCFE graduates are exhibiting at Art Source, Cork

For the first time- BCFE graduates have been invited to exhibit at Art Source, next weekend. Adele Walsh and Leon Lamby are graduates of HND in Fibre Art and Illustration – respectively.

Looking forward to seeing both graduates- each exhibiting different content and formats in their art works – one illustration and the other ceramic. Both have worked freelance and exhibited and received awards throughout their artistic careers. Visit them in Cork this weekend or visit their websites.

Adele Walsh, BCFE & NCAD Graduate, Artist Statement

My creative journey of work has been inspired by stories of displacement, connections, and memories.  My work consists of recognisable objects that we use in our daily life, both for nourishment and for sharing, connecting us to nature, places, and people.

Wild clay and found wood are collected during my travels, then recycled for hand building.  The slow process continues with burnishing and then firing low with glazes made from burnt wood ash, seaweed and egg shells, oxides are added for colour, giving each piece a dry organic and crusty texture.

The vessels and spoons store the connections made to places, for some it is impossible to return to their homes but memories are always there to remind us of our attachments to a place.

My ceramic and glass spools can store precious threads left behind by a loved one.

Art by Adele Walsh - Spoon

Art by Adele Walsh - Spoons

Art by Adele Walsh - Pot

Leon Lamby, Artist Statement

I work primarily in digital art, using an Ipad Pro tablet and the procreate app.

The vibrant colours and boundless imagination of anime infuses my work with a sense of energy and wonder. This medium inspires me to create scenes that blend the fantastical with the everyday, inviting viewers to explore the harmonious dance between the man-made and the organic.

As a film buff and a proud geek, I celebrate the diverse worlds of cinema and pop culture. My art reflects this amalgamation of influences, mirroring the eclectic tapestry of my interests. My love for world cinema has broadened my perspective, allowing me to embrace diverse cultures and viewpoints, particularly Asian and Japanese cultures, with Japan being one of my biggest influences.

Life, death, and transformation represented through metaphors, feature a lot in my work. My favourite to use is a butterfly as they are typically very pretty but represent more than just “eye candy” a moth is very similar to a butterfly but doesn’t get the same love, as such I like to represent beauty in an unconventional way… I use these contrasts to symbolize change in individuals and societies, inviting viewers to contemplate the cycle of existence, transformation, and rebirth.

I have a piece entitled “Lovely Couple” which depicts two skeletons on a deathbed of flowers. Rather than see this image as something morbid, on the contrary, I see it ultimately as something very romantic, a couple that stood the test of time and lived and died together.

I think outside the box and consider myself to be very open minded…

Leon Lamby

Leon Lamby - Digital Artist


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