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Illustration Graduate Niamh Fay @ Art Source 22

The work I do is heavily inspired by fantasy work. such as ‘Lord of the rings’ and ‘The Hobbit.’ A large majority of my work is done digitally, mainly because it’s what I have advanced my skills in the most, but also because it means I can produce and create work from anywhere in the world. I like to use  a lot of sharp edges in my art along with heavy rendering. I can make both hyper realistic portraits along  with a more stylised version of the characters. Along with digital art I also use watercolours. I find this a very nice medium to use, this is the medium I  would prefer to use when doing realistic portraits. Through digital art I have been introduced to many different job opportunities such as graphic novels  and character design. Both of which is something that I would love to try in my future career  endeavours. Book cover illustrator is another career I would be interested in, as I enjoy placing  characters and coming up with scenes for said characters. I hope to one day use my skills in one of these careers in the future.

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