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Seye Adelekan

Seye Adelekan, live bassist from Gorrilaz talks to PMCE student, Aaron Kenny

PMCE student Aaron Kenny conducted an excellent interview with Seye Adelekan (left), singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and live bassist for Gorillaz, this morning via Zoom (below).

Congratulations to Aaron and a huge Thank You to Seye for being such a gentleman!

Seye was originally to speak with us for 30 – 40 minutes but stayed chatting for well over an hour! Aaron led the interview exploring Seye’s career from playing clubs to sharing the stage with Damon Albarn, Robert Smith, Tony Allen and Paul McCartney. Seye then took questions from the students. The PMC students would normally be organising and playing at a live event for their Event Production and Work Experience modules.

The idea of organising Zoom talks came as we went into full lockdown in January. The students took the idea and ran with it. They are organising a range of talks which will be made available on completion. When given lemons, make lemonade

PMC is a Level 5 course with two stands: 1. Sound Production –  2. Music Performance

Seye Adelekan 2
Seye Adelekan 2
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