Calvin Lynch

BCFE graduates are exhibiting at Art Source, RDS

BCFE graduates have been invited to exhibit at Art Source, RDS

Calvin Lynch – Illustration Graduate

I’m Calvin Lynch, an illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. I specialise in producing narrative works such as comics, graphic novels and storyboards. I work primarily in a digital format but have a lot of experience in traditional media, my favourite being ink and brush. The reason why I work digitally is because it’s quicker, more efficient and I love experimenting midway through my pieces. Working digitally allows me to quickly rectify these experiments if they fail. My art has a strong emphasis on line work and the use of black space. Primarily I work in black and white, this lets my line work take front and centre stage but I am accustomed to colouring my pieces. When it comes to colour I love filling my art with saturated complimentary colours however I am constantly experimenting with colour and am always trying new things. For me, my art is an exploration of the world around me. It is about observation, understanding, internalisation and then producing and recreating that world without referencing it in my work. I believe my creativity comes from this lack of referencing. It forces me to fill in the blanks which may lead to discrepancies and inaccuracies but it also leads to creative solutions and for me that’s part of what makes my style me. My biggest influences are Jean Giraud and Michealangelo. I heavily based my line and colour work of Jean Giraud but when it comes to figure drawing, I instantly fell in love with Michealangelo’s representation of the human body.

Calvin Lynch


Rachel Corcoran – Graphic Graduate

Rachel Corcoran is an illustrator and designer from Dublin, Ireland. Rachel is a graduate of the Visual Communications (Graphic Design) course at Ballyfermot College of Further Education, and she has been working as a freelance illustrator since her graduation. Rachel has illustrated over 20 children’s books, including Judi Curtin’s popular series ‘Lily at Lissadell,’ and Sarah Webb’s ‘The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street.’ Her illustrations can also be seen driving daily through Dublin City on vintage tea buses! Rachel’s regular clients include O’Brien Press, Usborne Books, Vintage Tea Trips, Kerry Group and Airfield Estate. She also runs her own popular online shop where she sells prints, cards and stationery to customers worldwide. Within the last few years her greeting cards have been on sale in Trader Joe’s stores across the United States. Discover curious characters, pretty places, and nostalgic memories; all captured on paper to celebrate and cherish your own personal stories.

Rachel Corcoran


Stephen Donnelly – Animation Graduate

Wonder of the world is something to treasure. Famous lunar photos of our blue marble show just how small and delicate this world of ours is, and that to me makes even the mundane aspects of our natural world so inspiring. From my own travels I’ve discovered that through painting light and colour I can not just show what I saw but also how I felt. As children we see the world through fresh eyes … I take endless satisfaction in attempting to bring those same feelings back. My collection of artwork shows my impression of places I’ve both been and wish to be, and the times I’ve been there, as I try to find something unique about every place I come across.

Stephen Donnelly

Sara Serpilli – Graphic Graduate

Sara’s artwork is strongly inspired by surrealism, psychology and Italian metaphysical paintings. She works methodically to create very clean drawings impregnated with a ‘muddle’ touch. While her Graphic Design exploration is imbued with humor, bold colors and sarcasm.

Sara Serpilli

Nathan (Rebecca) Clarke – Illustration Graduate

Hi, I’m Nathan, a 23-year-old Illustrator in Dublin! I’m a recent graduate from BCFE, and I’m passionate about graphic novels and character design. My art draws inspiration from old video games, medieval art, folklore, and my affection for rats and pigeons! Through my work, I aim to evoke emotions and transport viewers to realms of wonder and curiosity, and see the enigmatic beauty hidden within the mundane. Thank you for your curiosity in my work!

nathan clarke

Tina Maher – Animation Graduate

I have always loved creating things, having picked up a crayon as a toddler and never quite being able to put it down. As the years went by, I found myself drawn to fan communities by consuming media and sharing fanart, developing my own art style along the way. This endless cycle of creating really inspires me and drives my desire to make content that would inspire others to make content in turn. Turning my own life experiences into art also can be something so deeply personal where others can project their lives and feelings creates a connection beyond language. It is human nature that started with cave paintings and I feel humbled to simply create and display my creations.

tina maher

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