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BCFE Celebrates 14 SMEDIA Nominations

Film, TV, radio and journalism students have secured 14 nominations in nine categories in The Irish Student Media Awards. The Irish Student Media Awards are a fantastic platform for media students around Ireland to showcase their work. (and are known as the “Oscars” for students). BCFE’s shortlisted students include:

Gabrielle Power for Radio Documentary

Rachel Gregan for her Film Documentary

Emily Dowling for Best Podcast

Thomas O’Mahony for Radio Production of the Year (Arts and Features)

Gabrielle Power for Radio Production of the Year (Arts and Features)

Laura Kelly Radio DJ of the Year

Photographer of the Year: Eoin O’Kelly

Film Documentary: Rachel Gregan

Film Script: Sarah Harold

Film Script: Lee McPartlin

Film Script: Katelyn Doyle

Short Film: Tom Farrelly

Short Film: Eoin O’Kelly

Short Film:  Katie Freeney

Wishing them all the best of luck next month when the winners will be announced.


Fingers and toes crossed!

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