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Fresh out of film school to the IFTAs

Keith Creighton and Anderson Ganguilet just graduated from BCFE’s Visual Effects course in 2022 and in the same year had their names in the credits of The Woman King which has just been nominated for an IFTA

Ganguilet is chuffed:

“I definitely didn’t see that coming when I started my studies two years ago. The hard work is definitely paying off.”

Seven BCFE graduates, working at Egg Post Production and VFX, were part of the visual effects team of the American action film starring Viola Davis. 

As many as 14 BCFE graduates now work at Egg in Dublin, including production coordinator Becca Rice who spoke at BCFE’s International Women’s Day event on March 8th. She was the first woman to work at the start-up. This years IFTA nominations include a nomination for VFX for ‘The Woman King’. BCFE Film graduate Becca Rice, who spoke at the IWD event worked as part of the VFX team on the film.

Also working at Egg are fellow BCFE graduates Stefano Rolando, Tadhg King Hamaltún and Emily Collins. 

Meanwhile Creighton and Ganguilet’s college project The Revival (with Fionn Clissmann, Evan McMahon and Andrei Filip ) has been nominated for Best 3D/CGI at the Dingle Animation Festival 2023. 

The winners will be announced on March 23/24.

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