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Art Portfolio – Art, Design & Mixed Media Level 5

Course Code ADM

NFQ Level 5

Duration 1 Year

QQI Code 5M1985

Award QQI Level 5 Certificate in Art

Student's Work

Art Design and Mixed Media is a 1-year portfolio course in Fine Art and Design: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Print-making, Combined Materials, Photography

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Why choose Art, Design & Mixed Media?

This is a one-year art course producing portfolios of excellent individual artwork for entry to Art Colleges such as NCAD, TUD, IADT, LSAD, Crawford, UK, London, Edinburgh, EU, Holland Berlin and elsewhere.

ADM involves in-studio and location Students develop skills, concepts, and personal expression through a broad range of Fine Art practices such as Drawing, Sculpture, Painting, Combined Materials, Printmaking, Figure Studies and Fine Art Film, Darkroom and Digital Photography.

Student projects are broad, and support individual interpretation suitable to students’ personal creative interests, such as Fine Art, Design, Painting, Sculpture, Fashion, Illustration etc.

Work-experience in the first term is a 3-week open studio block of artmaking across art modules producing a range of excellent integrated work.

What will you study?

Course Facilities

  • Film and digital cameras, and darkroom facilities.
  • Fine art print making studio and traditional printing press
  • 3D making studios

Course Features

  • Visiting artists’ workshops with leading artists from fashion, theatre, and fine art take place in support of student
  • A week long art educational trip to galleries in Paris/London, takes place in the second term to broaden student knowledge of the wider art world
  • Erasmus European Exchanges provide a new and exciting opportunity for ADM students to travel as part of their art and design work to European colleges and artists’ workplaces

What do you need to apply?

In addition to the Entry Requirements, for this course you will also need to provide a portfolio of your recent work. Please see the ‘Portfolio Guidelines’ for details.

Art Portfolio Guidelines

When applying for Art and Design courses you should bring to the interview an original portfolio of your best work completed within the past year. The portfolio should contain:

  • 12 to 15 pieces of recent work and observational studies. Work should be based on what excites you, and can include a range of media, g. pencil, charcoal, pastel, oil, paint.
  • Work that is sewn, sculpted, photographed, observed and drawn, including quick sketches and detailed drawings which demonstrate the ability to deal with line, tone, texture, colour, surface and form. Include sketchbooks and notebook.
  • Be brave! Enjoy showing us your ideas and creative process!


  • Graduates with a Merit profile may apply for entry to BTEC Higher National Diploma courses in BCFE, such as:
  • Graduates of this course may also apply through the CAO and/or the Higher Education Links Scheme for entry to higher and advanced certificate and degree programmes at national Institutes of Technology, Technological Universities, Universities and Art Colleges such as NCAD, LSAD,DIT and IADT, (applicants should confirm linked awards and eligibility requirements with the relevant Higher Education Institution).
  • ADM Portfolios are suitable for applications to all national BA degree and HND programmes in the areas of fine art, sculpture, painting, printmaking, design, fashion design, photography, display, and character design for stage and screen. Graduates progress to courses in Higher Education institutions in Ireland and Europe

Students' Work

Student's Work
Student's Work
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