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Animation Drawing Studies

Course Code: CDS

Duration: 1 Year


Animation Drawing Studies is a comprehensive foundation programme. It has a particular emphasis on the development of strong drawing skills whilst offering a broad introduction to animation.


  • Animation Drawing Studies
  • Animation Layout Design
  • Multimedia Authoring
  • Craft and Design
  • Communications
  • Drawing
  • Figure Studies
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Work Experience


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Five O6/H7 in Leaving Certificate/LCVP or a merit in Leaving Certificate Applied or QQI level 4 Certificate. The academic entry requirements may be waived for mature applicants (21+).


QQI Level 5 Certificate in Art 5M1985


  • Students applying for Animation Courses should bring to the interview a portfolio of artwork completed within the past year demonstrating drawing skills and interests.
  • This portfolio should contain: Four A3 size drawings from life or the human figure displaying emotion (anger, happiness, love, sadness etc). It is suggested that you ask a friend or family member to pose for these drawings and that you spend no more than 2 hours on this exercise. Quick sketches are better than finished pieces.
  • Approximately twelve pieces of artwork (sketches and more finished work) including observational drawings (life drawing/still life), perspective drawing, some colour work and work of personal interest.
  • A sketchbook of quick, 5 to 10 minutes, drawings from life (people, animals, still life, buildings interior or exterior).
  • Please bring only original work. The drawings of established cartoon characters and work copied from books should not be included.


Graduates with a merit profile may apply for entry to the Higher National Diploma in Classical and Computer Animation in BCFE. Graduates may progress to courses in Higher Education Institutions on a competitive basis through the new QQI Common Awards System (CAS). For information on the scheme see Higher Education Links Scheme.