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Classical & Computer Animation Level 6

Course Code CCH

NFQ Level 6*

Duration 2 Years

Award Year 1: Pearson BTEC Higher National Certificate in Classical and Computer Animation

Award Year 2: Pearson BTEC Higher National Diploma in Classical and Computer Animation

* The Higher National Diploma is recognised by the QQI as being comparable to the Higher Certificate at NFQ Level 6

Layout Studies | Aeroplane

A 2 year course in classical hand-drawn and computer animation, including character animation, 3d modelling, animating for Feature, TV or Games

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Why choose a HND in Classical & Computer Animation?

As a budding artist this course will give you the chance to express yourself through the medium of animation, both classical hand-drawn and computer generated. This dynamic course will provide you with the skills to take individual and group projects from conception to completion.

The course aims to enable you to develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques employed by the professional animator and to acquire the requisite skills to work in feature, TV or computer game animation or to continue on to further study at degree level within BCFE.

What will you study?

Year 1

  • Fundamentals of 3D Modelling and Character Animation
  • Principles of 2D Animation
  • Principles of Life Drawing for Animation
  • Design for Animation
  • Layout for Animation
  • Script Writing for Animation
  • Principles of Analysis for Animation

End of Year 1 Certification Higher National Certificate in Classical and Computer Animation

Year 2

  • Advanced 3D Modelling and Character Animation
  • 2D Character Animation
  • Advanced Life Drawing for Animation
  • Concept Design for Animation
  • Layout and Storyboarding
  • Production Practice
  • Historical and Theoretical Analysis of Animation

End of Year 2 Certification Higher National Diploma in Classical and Computer Animation

What do you need to apply?

In addition to the Entry Requirements, for this course you will also need to provide a portfolio of your recent work. Please see the ‘Portfolio Guidelines’ for details.

Year 1 Higher National Certificate

Year 2 Higher National Diploma

  • Students who have successfully completed year 1 and have achieved a Higher National Certificate in Classical and Computer Animation, can progress automatically to year 2.
  • Applicants with an equivalent Higher National Certificate may also apply directly to Year 2, Higher National Diploma in Classical and Computer Animation, subject to module compatibility

Art Portfolio Guidelines

Students applying for the Classical and Computer Animation course should bring to the interview a portfolio of original artwork completed within the past year demonstrating drawing skills and interests. This portfolio should contain:

  • Approximately 12 to 15 pieces of artwork, the majority of your portfolio should focus on observational drawings, these should be drawings from life (i.e. life drawing, still life, pets, your environment, and objects around you), some perspective drawing, some colour work, and any other work of personal interest (sketches and more finished work)
  • A sketchbook of quick, 5 to 10 minutes, drawings from life (people, animals, still life, buildings’ interior or exterior).
  • The drawings of established cartoon characters and work copied from books or photographs should not be included.

Progression Opportunities

Graduates may apply for the Animation Visual Media BA Hons Degree Level 8 in BCFE.

The BA Honours Degree in Animation Visual Media is awarded by the University of Dundee, Scotland.

Students' Work

Layout Studies | Classical Style Room
Layout Studies | Library

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On successful completion of Year 1 of a two-year Higher National Diploma (HND) an Higher National Certificate (HNC) will be claimed for each 1st Year HND student. It will be included as part of the overall HND award on successful completion of Year 2.